India is undergoing Economic Emergency and SDPI opposes it by observing a BLACK DAY – Elyas Thumbe

24 Jan 2017, New Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India General Secretary Elyas Thumbe in a statement released here slammed the BJP Government at the Center terming the present situation brought by the Government is in fact an Economic Emergency and this is due to the unplanned and unscientific demonetization by the Central Government. He said, the party is has decided to strongly oppose the move by conducting a ‘BLACK DAY’ on 31st January 2017 across the country. Thumbe in his statement said, the move by PM Narendra Modi has struck a severe blow on the fundamental rights of citizen of this country. This was indeed a tyranny and mockery of democracy. Even after two months of demonetization, the people are desperately wandering for petty cash to meet their routine needs and requirements. There is no any country in the world except India where its citizens are denied to withdraw cash from their hard earned savings deposited in their bank accounts. He said the country is pushed back to decades as the economy of the nation is falling down due to cash crisis.

Elyas came on heavily on PM Modi and alleged that the Modi Govt. is against the dissent and in his rhetoric trying to suppress the voice of the public by terming those raising question on the government’s reliability as the supporters of black money. He said, right from the inception of the BJP’s takeover of the power at the Center, it is busy implementing anti-people policies, let off communal forces to continue spreading hatred and imposing Hindutwa Nationalist agenda in the country. It has, shamelessly, curbing the voice of political dissent and democratic opinion of the public, said Elyas.

Elyas said, SDPI strongly opposes the government’s anti-people move and conducting a BLACK DAY on 31 Jan 2017 throughout the country in protest against BJP governments’ anti-people policies. He said, his party would continue fighting the Economic Fascism, Cultural Fascism and Political Fascism of Narendra Modi & BJP government relentlessly to save and strengthen the nation.

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