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Great verdict against corruption in high places SDPI hails – Shaikh Dehlan Baqavi, SDPI TN President

Chennai, 15 Feb 2017: In a statement the Tamilnadu state President of SDPI Mr. K.K.S.M. Dhehlan Baqavi said, in the disproportionate assets case against then Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha, M.S. Sasikala, V.N. Sudhakaran and J. Elavarasi, a special court judge John Michel Kunha convicted all to undergo imprisonment for four years and to pay a fine of rupees 100 crore to Jayalalitha and rupees 10 crore to others each, on 27 September 2014.

Against the judgment all the four appealed in the High Court of Karnataka and justice C.K. Kumaraswamy quashed the conviction and Karnataka preferred an appeal in the Supreme Court.

A bench of justice P.C. Ghose and Amirtara restored the trail courts conviction of M.S. Sasikala, V.N. Sudakaran and J. Elavarasi and appeals against Ms. Jeyalalitha stood abated with her death.

On behalf of SDPI I hail the verdict. It is a revolutionary judgment against corruption in the high places. This verdict is not only historic but a lesson to those who are taking unfair advantage of their power and authority. The properties involved in this case should be confiscated by the state. Sitting the fourth coming judgment the acting Governor of Tamil Nadu has delayed the political presses of forming  the new government. Now without further delay the honorable Governor should arrange to convene the Assembly to prove the majority of the contending parties. Further delay will create confusion and cause the administration paving way for horse trading. Hence the Honorable Governor should take immediate action to break the stalemate, said K.K.S.M. Dhehlan Baqavi in hits statement.

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Great verdict against corruption in high places SDPI hails – Shaikh Dehlan Baqavi, SDPI TN President
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