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सोशल डेमोक्रेटिक पार्टी ऑफ़ इंडिया

Freedom from Hunger, Freedom from Fear



Scholarship Facilitation Center Opened by SDPI Goa

Photo: Executive Committee of SDPI-Goa alongwith the President Sayed Iftiyaz at opening of the 'Scholarship Facilitation Centre' at Indona-Davorlim

29 July 2016 Madgaon: Social Democratic Party of India-Goa opened their ‘Scholarship Facilitation Center, at Indona Davorlim, Navelim-Goa. The Center was inaugurated by Shaikh Abdul Qadir, Secretary of SDPI-Goa and Candidate of ZP elections-2015. Speaking on the Occasion, Qadir spoke on the SDPI’s mission of empowering the marginalized & downtrodden sections in the country. He Read more