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Babri Masjid imbroglio must be decided by SC: SDPI

New Delhi 22 March 2017: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) has emphatically stated that Babri Masjid-Ram janmabhomi imbroglio should be decided by the Supreme Court of India where the case is pending for last several years after the Allahabad High Court’s controversial judgement.

SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement has said that such a deeply contentious issue is best settled through a judicial verdict whose impartiality is respected by all. The suggestion by the Chief Justice of India is not tenable as 9 such attempts in the past have failed to bear any fruits, he pointed out.

Sayeed said that the suggestion for out of court settlement on the Ayodhya issue is not the observation of the apex court but that of CJI which is extra-ordinary and unfortunate. The CJI should not have dabbled in knowing the fact very well that it has political ramifications as the ruling BJP at the Center has mentioned it in its manifesto of 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

A Sayeed, National President SDPI

He said that it was only after courts order in 1949 that Muslims stopped Namaz abiding the courts decree. But it was the other side which went against the court order and demolished the Babri Masjid illegally in 1992 claiming that it’s their birth right. It was soon after the 1857 War of Resistance the British fomented this strife between history and mythology. Only a government that respects the Rule of Law can bring this strife to an end, he asserted.

He said that basically the Supreme Court knows the truth, the fact that legally there can be no temple on the disputed site. Actually there was no temple. So this offer by CJI is to coax or explain to the Muslims that either they deliver a wrong judgement like Allahabad HC or even if they deliver the right judgement, it’ll give a poll plank to BJP in the least and maybe even an opportunity to start a civil war and declare a Hindu Rashtra.

Sayeed wondered that in some quarters it is being said the suggestion emanating from the SC is a stage-managed affair as there was no regular scheduled hearing of the case and the parties involved in it were not present. However, BJP gaining brute majority in Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly the party cadres’ aspirations are sky-rocketing and keen to unfold the Hindutva agenda. It is feared that at the negotiation table attempts would be made to brow beat the Muslim representatives into submission to surrender their claims in the Babri Masjid case for their overall safety of life and property.

Meanwhile, Sayeed said today’s young “Bhakts” do not have complete knowledge of the issue and they are misguided. For some unknown reasons media is not bringing it out and lot of other facts like prior to this, people constructed 50 such birth temples claiming Ram’s birth place around Ayodhya before finally falling on Babri Masjid. Media has to reveal all these facts to the young generation of our Nation.

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Babri Masjid imbroglio must be decided by SC: SDPI
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