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ARREST Prabhakar Bhatt by 15 July: SDPI warns Govt. of a massive “KALLADAKA CHALO”

ARREST Prabhakar Bhatt by 15 July: SDPI warns Govt. of a massive “KALLADAKA CHALO”

SDPI warns Government of “KALLADAKA CHALO” if Prabhakar Bhatt and Sharan Pumpwell are not arrested by 15 July

Bangalore, 04 July 2017: Ashraf Kalayi, an autorikshaw driver, SDPI’s Ammunje Block President, was mercilessly hacked to death by Sangh Parivar goondas in the early hours of 21 June 2017. Murder of the deceased was one of a series of deaths which have been the result of ongoing hatred agenda of Sangh Parivar. Though the police has arrested the accused in the said murder, but are making efforts to close it as well. The police is doing so at the behest of the political pressure and this becomes conspicuous looking at the debilitated FIR and the relevant statements, alleged SDPI leaders during a press conference held at Mangalore today.

Though the hands of Kalladka Prabhakar and Sharan Pumpwell in various communal killings is clearly visible to the police, and also knowing that Kalladka Prabhakar being the mastermind in murdering  Ashraf Kalayi, it is favorably reluctant to arrest the duo, bending to the political pressure. SDPI vows do take up strong agitations against it. A keen observation over all the cases of murders, stabbings and communally motivated incidents, the obvious involvement of Kalladka Prabhakar becomes undoubted.

It is the Prabhakar Kalladka Bhatt responsible for murder of M.K Ismail carried out decades ago and that relentless efforts are being made to save the murderer Ratnakar Shetty (a close aid of Kalladka Prabhakar) the prime accused in the murder of Yusuf in Kalladka. Rowdy Sheeter Mithun Pujary, involved in several cases of murder, the killer of Badruddin Brahmarakoty and Harish Pujary is a student of Kalladaka Prabhakar Bhatt. Mithun, who was accused of stabbing several Muslim youth in Kalladka on 25th of May, has not been arrested till date. Those accused of murdering of auto-rikshaw driver Iqbal Bantwal and Nasir Sajipa too belonged to the same gang of criminals and are the members of Sangh Parivar. Narsimha Shetty, accused in the murder of Jaleel Karopadi, is the close aid of Prabhakar Bhatt. Similarly, the murderers of Ashraf Akalayi too are the close aids of Prabhakar Bhatt and Pumpwell. As per police it is Bharat Kamdelu who masterminded the murder of Ashraf Kalayi. It is the talk among the common people that, it is Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat and Sharan Pumpwell who are the masterminds of all the communal incidents and hatred killings in the entire district. If we have a close eye on all the communal incidents witnessed for the last 3 decades, it becomes very evident that it is Kalladka Prabhakar who is behind them all, because when we carry out a background check on all those accused of recent 8 murders in Bantwal, they happened to be the close aids of Kalladka Prabhakar Bhatt. There is no doubt that the immoral activities like murders, riots, communal violence and moral policing will continue unhindered in the district. In order to put an end to all such evil acts, the two must be arrested forthwith. It would be possible that the peace and harmony prevail in the district only when they are sent behind the bars.

Therefore, if the state government and the district administration don’t arrest the Prabhakar Bhatt and Pumpwell and carry on the relevant investigation before 15 July, Social Democratic Party of India-SDPI, along with several dalit and progressive organizations will hold “KALLADKA CHALO”.

The party leaders who addressed the press conference were Athaullah Jokatte, Sahul S.H, and Iqbal Bellary.

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ARREST Prabhakar Bhatt by 15 July: SDPI warns Govt. of a massive “KALLADAKA CHALO”
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