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A budget of only privileged class: SDPI

New Delhi, 01 Feb 2017: The budget 2017-18, presented by the finance minister Arun Jaitly in Loksabha on 1st of February 2017 has directly crashed the hopes of the common person, SDPI National President A. Sayeed said in a press statement. The budget has been prepared keeping in view only moneyed section and the struggling people comprising eighty percent of the population has been left aside. The form of capitalist state has further been strengthened by the provisions of budget and allocations to the welfare of poor people are negligible, he said.

Sayeed further said that, the universal education and health have not been granted due attention and the minorities have been totally ignored in spite of well-known findings of Sachar Committee in the hapless conditions needing special safeguards and aids. The privileges due for the betterment of Artisans and Craftsmen working in unorganized sector have not been in the attention of government, particularly, the problems of weavers and their loan intricacies have been ignored. No remedial steps are taken to facilitate the way-out for weaker people and those who are still out of banking system from hardships created by demonetization.

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A budget of only privileged class: SDPI
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